Saturday, 27 April 2013

Watch Dog Attacked by Ticks

Watch Dog Attacked by Ticks or Ticked off Watch Dog?

I'll be Bach

Posers as Composers
Yo, who could forget two tough guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Silvester Stallone getting all classic music on your ass. This cartoon asks you to imagine the two actors playing the famous classic music composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven? Still to this day it's nearly imposable to utter the phase "I'll be back" without using Arnold's voice/accent from the original Terminator movie.

Man's Best Friend the TV Setter

Separate Yourself from Television

Pool Shark

Friday, 26 April 2013

Brushes with Fame

This cartoon has got funnier with time.

First illustrated when George & Barbara Bush were in the White House.
It was made even funnier as the clueless George W. Bush was in the White House.
Now I find it ironic that the lost President paint-brush is asking for directions,
 while a lost ex-President with no direction George W. is now painting pictures with brushes?

Dali Llama talks to Mosque Cow about Camel Flage

A Surrealist Conversation 
I love the melted Swiss Cheese Cowboy

Rare Dog Breeds

The World Accordion to Gorp

Obscure and absurd...
To understand this cartoon it would help if you knew the once sort of popular book & movie "The World According to Garp" you would also have to know that "Gorp" is a nutty trail mix sometime with carob or chocolate chips. Have knowledge that the Bible tells of the world being made in six days and a seventh for rest would also help. Let's face it if you have to explain it, it's just not funny! and just now with spell check I have found out I spell accordion wrong...

They called him Chicken... So why did he cross the Road?

This is a very early cartoon. The only one I know that didn't include the Swiss Cheese Cowboy.

Far Fig Newton -

Remember Volkeswagen's farfegnugen add campaign from the early 1990's?

A German word for" pleasurable driving" alternative spelling fahrvergnugen.

Minstrel Cramps

No surprise... this cartoon was never publish.

This cartoon Minstrel Cramps was suggested to me by a friend. "Never to be published, but I drew it up anyway..." Her idea was a pained and cramping black faced she minstrel to be sitting at home on a sofa watching TV wrapped in a blanket, hair in curlers wearing fluffy slippers and eating Chocolate.I drew it up and did add the headline..."One of America's Worst Periods"

Fall of Rome

Souls of your Feet

Note: I see a lot of feet in my cartoons... I must of  had a foot fetish or something?

Hay Baby! Christmas Cartoon

"Hey Baby" was a popular greeting for some folks back then.
"Hay Baby" became my Christmas greeting back in 1991?

The Swiss Cheese Cowboy put away his gun and tipped his hat in this one.

The image was inspired by the Northern Renaissance artist Martin Schongauer made in the late 1400's

Hopis do the Hokie Pokie

Hopis do the Hokie Pokie is one of my favorites!
I love the feet and the absurd randomness of this cartoon.
I have no idea where I got the references for the headdresses or if I just made them up.
I know I had no google back then.

Row vs. Wade

Well it's not very politically correct and I mostly stayed away from politics in my cartoons. But, at the time blond jokes were new and many people were unsure of the new Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas. Hence the two met up with some local fisherman.

Guitar Dogs

I always wanted to have a real guitar made like this... not that I could play it or that it would be playable.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Watch Dog

I have made and sold quite a few Watch Dogs Clocks over the years...
but this one below gets the most attention.

Watch Dog at Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop - Saratoga Springs, New York, USA.
There was a time when I met someone new in Saratoga they would likely say,
"Oh, you're the guy who made the clock at Uncommon Grounds..."

Uncommon Hound's Uncommon Grounds

Love the one you Whiff.

Classic rock & roll pun to the Steven Stills song "Love the one you're with"

If you kids don't know the song or you want to sing along... play video below
Warning you may never sing this song the same again.


I Love those Pumps!

Head of your Time...